How to Get a Summer Job – Level 1

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1. Watch the video:

Today we are going to learn about getting a summer job.
Hoy vamos a aprender sobre conseguir un trabajo de verano.
2. Read the text

How to get a summer job
A few tips on how you can really stand out and get hired

1) Be flexible
Employers want to know that their employees will be flexible and ready to work when they need them to.

2) Show off your personality
Employers tell us that a positive attitude is even more important than previous experience. So really show them your eagerness to join the team.

3) Dress professionally
Warm weather is no excuse to dress inappropriately for your job interview. So steer clear from sandals, shorts shorts, tank tops, things like that. Wear light colors, pull your hair up, or throw on a blazer as soon as you get out of the car. Just remember: Keep it classy.

4) Prepare
You should review common job interview questions and set up a mock interview so you’re fully prepared for the big day.

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