Cleaning Product Ratings – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text

Many name brand cleaners aren’t making the grade according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They researched over 2,000 household products and found only a few cleaners contain safe ingredients or tell you what’s actually inside on the label.

Take all-purpose cleaners: Out of 400 tested, only 5.3 percent got an A (39.6 got an F, like Clorox Cleanup). Researchers found links to asthma.

In bathroom cleaners, 2.4 percent scored high, but 55.5 percent failed including Kaboom Foamtastic. The EWG says it has chemicals that could cause cancer.

The laundry list continues with…well, laundry – 44 percent got an F, like Downy Ultra Fabric Softener and Gain. The detergent may be linked to developmental and reproductivity toxins.

Concerned consumer 1: “If you’re that sensitive or allergic or are concerned, then it’s up to you to seek out the products that suit you.”

Concerned consumer 2: “I just think you need to be informed before you purchase anything.”

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