A Realtor’s License – Level 3

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    -So, a few weeks ago, my mom accidentally sold a house.
    -We love it. We'd like to make an offer.
    -Oh! Oh-ho.
    -And it was like she'd finally found her calling in life.
    -I was born to do this!
    -And she jumped right into it

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    -Apparently, you need a license to sell houses! Did you know this?!
    -I did know this. I told you this, and you ignored me.
    -Ashley Alexander is trying to take me out because she knows I am the best.
    -Excuse me... can you move? I want to sit close to the door. This won't take me long. I have a chipwich waiting for me in the car. This test is a waste of my time.
    -Ugh. I know what you mean. I always say "time is money."
    -Hello. It says "get rich" in Chinese.
    -Oh, I love that. Kim from Sunshine Realty.
    -Jessica. Hi.
    -Are you already a realtor? Yes, for 10 years now. I'm just renewing my license. What about you? How long have you been in the game?
    -Only a month, but I already sold a house... on my first try.
    -Congratulations. You will never forget your first time. Mine was, what, 358 houses ago?
    -You jive. I know. It's crazy, right? But I'm kind of a freak of nature. I've been voted top-selling realtor five years running according to the Orlando Sentinel.
    -They... call you that? Yes. Kind of embarrassing. Here's the article. You can keep that. I have copies. So, uh, why are you so late to the game? Career change?
    -Well, I have three kids...


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