English Language

Reading Labels on Cleaning Products – Level 3

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3. Watch the video and read the text:

  • Tap here to read the key sentences from today’s video!
    What are toxic materials, and how can you identify them in your home?

    -Toxicity is degree to which a substance can cause damage to an organism.
    -Toxic hazardous chemicals can cause skin irritation, watery eyes, burns, poisoning, breathing, or even cancer.
    -They can also harm local lakes, rivers and drinking water supplies if disposed of improperly.
    -Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are hazardous to your health and for the environment.

    -Try not to buy products that contain any of the following words on their labels:

    -These are signal words, and they indicate the products are risk to humans, pets and the environment.


4. Take the quiz
Select the correct answer for each statement