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Greetings for Customer Service – Part 3

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Here are some more advanced greetings:

  • Hi, How are you doing?
  • Hello, How are you today?
  • Hi there, How are you?
  • Hey there, How’ve you been?
  • Hey, What’s up? (informal)

“Hi, How are you doing?”

“Hello, How are you today?”

“Hi there, How are you?”

“Hey there, How’ve you been?”

“Hey, What’s up?”

Here are some answers:

  • Doing well, thanks! You?
  • Not much. How are you?

“Doing well, thanks. You?”

“Not much. How are you?”

Now, watch the video again to listen for these greetings:

Now, let’s practice! Click here to begin!




Laura Liibbe is a bilingual Staff Writer and Partnerships Manager for Revolution English. With eight years experience in refugee resettlement, Laura writes about policy issues affecting immigrants and refugees in the United States. Laura thrives in mission-driven environments and ensuring immigrants have access to news, resources and transformative language learning tools.