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Empowered with take-home immersion strategies and daily support from our English coaches, your students will practice for hours, every day, outside of the classroom.


Empowered with take-home immersion strategies and daily support from our English coaches, your students will practice for hours, every day, outside of the classroom.

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Easy Administration


The program is an add-on to ESL classes and curriculum. We do all the set-up and follow-up, with no additional work required from teachers or administrators.

Human Approach


Students get their own English Coach who visit their class and send them daily texts with tips for practicing English. Coaches will also train students, face-to-face, on the best technology for learning English.

Proven Results


We combine language immersion and behavior change strategies to help your students practice, practice, practice! On average, students practice their English more than four hours per day.


In class “coaching” sessions

Revolution English Coaches visit classes to guide students in immersion strategies that they can use anytime and anywhere outside of the classroom. We give your students the tools to turn daily activities into language learning opportunities. Presentations are given in Spanish, and translated materials are available in multiple languages, so that the strategies really sink in.

Accountability and Incentives

Revolution English Coaches help students set their daily goals and activities for practicing English everyday. The program then leverages the power of accountability and incentives to help students stick to their English practice with daily practice logs, a weekly leaderboard and prizes for top students and classes.


The Coaches stay in touch with students throughout the term through daily texts and emails that include tips, reminders and resources for learning English. Through the in-class visits, Coaches train students on how to download and use language learning apps. The hands-on approach is great for immigrants who aren’t comfortable with technology.

Christina G., ESOL Teacher

Baltimore, MD

“Being part of Revolution English, students could continue learning English even while not in school. Many thanks. I’m so glad my students got to be part of the program.”

Marine J., ESOL Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

“Revolution English gives ESL students the opportunity to practice their speaking skills outside the classroom. Students improve their listening skills by listening to the different links that are texted to them.”

Ruth G., ESOL Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

“I appreciated partnering with Revolution English. My students were motivated to participate and were thankful for the resources they provided. I look forward to working with Revolution English again.”

About Us

Revolution English is a program of Accelerate Change, a national non-profit organization that works with immigrant-serving organizations throughout the US. Accelerate Change has developed Revolution English in partnership with the Center for Community Change and more than 30 local immigrant organizations who are part of the Fair Immigrant Rights Movement. Learn more at

Experienced English Coaches

Eli Andrews

“I love languages, and I’ve learned three of them as an adult. As a Coach, I get to share everything I know about how to learn quickly, efficiently, and with passion.”

Miriam Burbano

“The best part of teaching English is when I see the happiness on a student’s face the first time they understand a song, a joke or a conversation.”

Stephanie Suarez

“I have always enjoyed working with immigrant communities. With Revolution English, I am able to serve as a resource to a population that is always striving for something greater.”

Great for:


  No extra time or work needed
  Accountability for students
  Custom content available


  Data-driven evaluation
  Free trial available
Outcome-based learning strategies


  Personalized coaching
  Increase out-of-classroom practice
  Strategies that stick

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