Fixing Things at Home with “Flip or Flop”- Level 3

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    - What’s up guys?
    - Hey, how’s it going?
    - Good. What’d you guys think of the neighborhood?
    - Love it. So cute.
    - How much did you pay for it again?
    - 410
    - So the outside’s not bad, the patio’s good, needs landscaping, roof looks kind of alright.

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    - Well it’s definitely historic. Look at these ceilings.
    - What the heck? This is not what I was expecting
    - The floors, we need to patch them.
    - Put laminate on them.
    - No way. There’s no way we can do laminate.
    - What’s on the other side of this wall is my question. Because this should actually be much bigger
    - It’s a sad, little makeshift wall.
    - Yeah, I know
    - I think this was a bedroom on this side?
    - Well, so, this would be all open and it would be one huge family room?
    - Man, this is a huge kitchen for this size house
    - It’s weird though … I mean
    - Weird layout
    - Tell me we’re allowed to replace the cabinets and we’re not restoring them
    - It’s better if we restore them but I’m with you on redoing them
    - We just have to make them look like they’ve been here for 100 years
    - So this is the main bath for the other two bedrooms, so we have to make it more comfortable. Vanity, countertop space…
    - Yeah. Just completely redo it.
    - Come check out the master.
    - Oh wow. Look at how big this is.
    - Oh wow.
    - Original windows, cool cross pattern on it.
    - Yeah, houses from this era never have a master this big, ever.
    - Man, look at the size of this master bathroom!
    - Holy crap!
    - Oh look, even has vaulted ceilings.
    - Wow, this shower is huge! Are you kidding me?
    - So, I already own the house. I would need to know if you guys are in.
    - Okay. So here’s what I have to do. I have to call my contractor, have him come out and inspect the property, not only cosmetic but structural. It’s an old house, and I can make a decision then.


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