Teach Kids to Clean with “Blackish”- Level 3

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    - Jack, Diane, I have cookies!
    - Cookies! Cookies!
    - I have no cookies. Clean up this mess!
    - One day you're gonna say that, and we're not gonna come.
    - And you know what? That's the day I'm actually gonna have cookies.
    - That's why she's the mom.
    - That's right, that's why I'm the mom.
    - Listen, guys. I have another one on the way, and you need to step up your game. You got to pick up your clothes. Wet towels... they go on the hook. Cap on. Soap in the soap dish. And rinse out the sink.
    - Got it. Uh, should we also do the mirror?
    - Yes. Spray and wipe it down. And don't forget to wipe down the counter.


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