Civic Resources

Traffic Stop – Level 3

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3. Watch the Video

4. Read the text

Getting pulled over
Mom: I thought that love would conquer all and skin color wouldn’t matter.

Son: Yeah…I was 19 years old. I had picked up a friend, and I noticed that we had red and blue lights behind us. We were being pulled over. The officer explained I had made an illegal left turn and to step out of the car. So, I get out the car first. He pats me down…

Son: I had never had a negative interaction with police in my life. So, I ask them, “Can I please see a warrant before you continue the search?” And they grab me and began to hit me in the face.

Son: I immediately started yelling, “No, I’m not. I’m not reaching for anything.” And I remember an officer saying, “If he doesn’t calm down, we’re going to have to shoot him.” I could feel the gun pressed to my head, and I expected to be shot.

5. Take the quiz
Answer the questions based on the video