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Learn How to Start your Juice Business in the US – Level 3

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3. Read the text

– Despite loving her job, Montserrat’s dream was to open her own business. “In Mexico it is very common to drink freshly made juices. You see a juice stand on every corner, of course it is very informal there!”
– Montserrat’s husband was very supportive of this idea and they started by selling at San Jose Farmers Market.
– After a year of hard work and successful sales, Montserrat decided it was time to open their own store.
– One month after opening the doors of Vitamina she was invited to an event in San Jose. The place was noisy and everyone spoke English, but not the English she could understand.
– They opened their storefront on Facebook’s campus. “We ran it there for three months and then we decided to take a step back and fold it.”
– Montserrat and her husband are now focused on running their Vitamina juice bar in San Jose, California. The business has been open for four years and has a long list of happy customers.

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