Learn to Relaunch your Career in the US – Level 3

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3. Read the text

Back in their countries they would go to a store and ask if they were hiring, so they decided to follow this practice in the US. At every place they inquired they were asked to leave an application.
I decided to build a platform that would have helped me when I first arrived here. We wanted new immigrants to reach out to us so that we can help them understand networking and the job market in the area,” says Ika.
“Femigrants helps immigrant women unlock their full potential and get ahead in business or career through inspiration, education, opportunity, and community support. Our services include professional networking events, online and offline trainings, media support – publishing inspiration stories of successful immigrant to help them get exposure and promote their services or business,” said Ika. “We are transitioning into a startup and planning to launch new services very soon.

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4. Take the quiz
Match the image with the correct word.