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Learn How to Sell Latino Flavors in the US – Level 3

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3. Read the text

– “My love for cooking comes from my mom. She used to be a professional chef in our hometown in Peru.
– “Latinos are not viewed well in the US, especially now, and I wanted to elevate Latin American ingredients in the US and make all Latinos feel proud of themselves. They should be proud of bringing their culture, their language, and their food here!”
– Guilianna decided to start a business by recreating artisanal food with flavors from Latin America. She prototyped twelve products just to realize it was too much.
– Guilianna thinks that Latino women are very good entrepreneurs and have the right grit and skills. “If you travel to other countries, you realize how many Latina entrepreneurs and business owners are there!”
– Guilianna recommends putting her sweet nut butters in smoothies, yogurt, or oatmeal; for savory butters there are a few ideas on the AlmaSuperFoods site.

To read the article about Guilianna and her AlmaSuperFood stores click here

4. Take the quiz
Match the image with the correct word.