Ski Trip Tips – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text

Preparing for your ski trip

  1. Don’t learn on the slopes
    • Learn at a ski business near you to teach you the basics
  2. Don’t buy boots
    • Unless you have funny-shaped feet, hire them there
  3. Sign up to mailing lists from ski hire places near your resort
    • They’ll send you offers before you visit, which can sometimes be as much as 20-30% off
  4. Buy a daily pass rather than a full week
    • As a beginner, you’ll likely want to take days off
  5. Don’t hire a ski in / ski out chalet
    • The slopes they’re on are generally pretty easy, but even as a beginner, a gentle slope can be a daunting start to the day
  6. Keep it green
    • The color-grading system showing easier and harder slopes differ slightly by country
  7. Pack a pair of boots in your bag
    • Light boots can be a lifesaver. Ski boots are uncomfortable and hard to walk in if you’re not used to it

5. Take the quiz:
Match the word with its meaning