Practice! Level 3

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1. Watch the video:

2. Read the text

Following up over the phone with a new customer
“Hi Tina. This is Alex. Did you come into the CS Computer shop today? Our shop is located at the Galaxy Mall on the third floor.”
“Oh..Yes, I remember you now. So what can I do for you, Mr. Willis?”

“Do you remember coming into our shop and asking about a catalogue for computer games?”
“Yes, I remember asking for the catalogue. You could not find it.”

“I have the catalogue now. Would you like for me to send you the catalogue since you cannot come to the shop?”
“That would be wonderful.”

“Okay. May I have your address, please?”
“It’s 2307 T Street, Sacramento, California…95610.”

3. Take the quiz

Provide the best answer based on the video