Buying Medicine – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text:

Buying Medicine
Shopping for medicine online is a popular and cheap alternative but how safe and reliable is it? Learn about other affordable alternatives to buying medicine.

1.9 million people buy their medicine online. However, medication online might not have the strength of other medicine prescribed or it can even be outdated. There is not control in how this medication is manufactured.

There are other cheaper ways to get medicine. You can skip your insurance all together and pay cash for a generic alternative.

Make a list of cheap prescriptions you can get at Target or Walmart and when you go to the doctor ask them if they can prescribe you based off your cheap prescription list. Another cheap option to fill prescriptions is at Costco Warehouse.

Check out these options and see what works for you, always ensuring it is safe and legal.

5. Take the quiz:
Provide the best answer based on the video